Monday, November 15, 2010


Concordance is a word most if not all of you are quite familiar with. If you do not know the meaning of the word look it up. A concordance is a resource that fits under one of the topics we have dealt with quite extensively during the course. Indicate the topic and explain.


  1. Colins paperback english dictionary defines as:
    1) a state of harmony or agreement
    2) an alphabetical list of words in a literary work, with the context and often the meaning.

    The topic that dealt with the resource is Week 5 gathering Index is:
    An alphabetically arranged list of terms or names used in a work.
    It facilitates quick and easy retrieval of the terms by providing the page number along with the term
    Indexes are usually found at the back of the work. Some indexes are contained in an entire book
    There are different types of indexes: author, subject, keyword
    I think this is the answer will read more and come again

  2. My first encounter with a concordance was going to church with one. I used it to find specific people in the bible or specific verses(mainly the easier ones , Jesus Wept rings many bells). It is an alphabetically arranged list of terms used in a work; my bible.

  3. A concordance simply stated is an alphabetical list of the principal words used in a book or body of works with thier immediate context.Concordances were briefly discussed under research step 2. They are of varying types and are often arranged alphabetically.We are mainly familiar with those that can be found in various subject texts. (hope this is correct)

  4. A concordance is stated as 1). An alphabetical index of subjects or topics and 2). an index produced by computer or machine, alphabetically listing every word in a text.
    The topic that covered Concordance is PLANNING THE RESEARCH PROJECT and Concordance can be considered as a Subject Directory.

  5. Concordance is an alphabetical list of the principle word in a book or in a work of an author with refrences to the passages in which they occur. This was taught in week five which focuses on step two that deal with gathering, part two on the slide that deal with the way libraries organize their collections.